The RCS Independent Program is ideal for:

  • Affordable Christian education
  • Home school students
  • Traditional students with unique scheduling conflicts
  • Students needing additional credit for graduation or repeating a course
  • Disabled students who are unable to attend traditional school
  • Students desiring to gain college credit while in high school
  • Students who reside outside of our local area
  • International students

We are moving in the direction of being the #1 source for Christian education in this area. That means we provide:

  • Testing only (SAT)
  • Testing & grade filing (Transcripts)
  • DVD courses
  • Online courses
  • Individual Directed classes
  • Part time student
  • Summer classes

RCS Benefits:

  • Affordable Christian education
  • Individual education plans for each student
  • Certified teacher evaluations
  • Certified academic advisors
  • Stanford Achievement testing
  • Maintain student transcripts and records
  • Provide Christian counseling and career guide
  • Weekly chapels & mentor programs
  • Field trips & special events
  • Local service & outreach ministries
  • Graduation & promotion ceremonies
  • Extra-curricular group activities
  • WIAA competitive high sports

RCS Part Time Student Fee Schedule

For pricing, please call Rainier Christian High School at 253-735-1413