SAFETY is the number one concern of Rainier Christian Schools. If you are at all concerned about the weather conditions where you live being unsafe, and you make a decision to keep your child home, the absence will be excused!

Please note: There will be no message posted if school is in session.

Extreme weather conditions will sometimes merit school closure. If the schools are closed, it will be listed as Rainier Christian Schools or Rainier Christian School District between 5 and 6 am on the following website, radio stations, and television stations:

Radio Stations:

  • KCMS 105.3/FM
  • KCIS 630/AM
  • KIRO 710/AM
  • KOMO 1000/AM
  • TV Stations
  • KING 5 News
  • KOMO 4 News
  • KIRO 7 News
  • FLASH ALERT (formerly called

IMPORTANT! If you visit Flash Alert to find out about your school closure, all closures are posted on Rainier Christian School District, and not the individual campuses, as all closure decisions are district-wide.

Or sign up today at FLASH ALERT!

Also, Flash Alert now has apps that you can load on your phone will will push notifications to you in case of an emergency.


  • If school is closed, then assume there will be no after school activities unless you are notified otherwise
  • In the case of a late start, please stay tuned for updates, in case the decision is made to go ahead and cancel school
  • Snow closures will generally result in ALL CAMPUSES being closed!
    • We ask for your patience and understanding in these situations. Weather conditions can vary significantly from one campus to another. We must make the best decision possible, considering the access to and operational capacity of our buildings, availability of staff, and driving conditions for parents, carpoolers, high school drivers, and our buses.
  • It is possible that a power outage may result in a single campus closure
  • We will defer to your judgment in weather related situations
    • If you believe it is unsafe or impractical to leave your home, your student will be “excused” and given the appropriate time to get caught up on school work

We are fully aware that school closures or delays impact families’ work schedules, etc., but the safety of our children is a primary consideration in the decision-making process.