Prayer Team members are needed!

All positions available – Supporting family members of an RCS student, grandmothers, grandfathers, uncles, moms, dads, guardians

Join together in praying for our wonderful school community

T.E.A.M. members meet on each campus

Choose the T.E.A.M. of your choice or visit a different T.E.A.M. weekly

  • Maple Valley: 9:15 AM Wednesdays – Please contact Moby Daiber, if interested in coordinating.
  • High School: 8:15 AM Thursdays – Moby Daiber
  • Kentview/Middle School: 8:30 AM Thursdays – Rick Rosenkranz


To participate in the wonderful miracles God is doing at our schools


Through prayer – whether you are comfortable praying in groups or coming to support in spirit, or partnering together through the prayer chain – join the prayer T.E.A.M.

Contact Moby Daiber if you are interested in joining this vital prayer ministry!