Dear RCS Family,                                                                            October 2017

The fourth chapter of 2nd Corinthians is a very worn page in my Bible. I delight in the entire
chapter, and v. 16, is a favorite, “Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are
wasting away, yet inwardly we are renewed day by day.”

Daily renewal from the Lord nourishes our inner spiritual garden, a phrase attributed to 18th-
century Christian poet, William Cowper. The inward transformation through and by the Spirit
blooms into an ever-increasing glory throughout our lives, 2nd Cor. 3:18. While outwardly we are
wasting away, that is not the focus. The Spirit’s renewal, day by day, is God’s gift for our well-
being, and provision to reflect His glory.

Our mission at RCS is to “Educate and develop the whole child for the glory of God.” RCS’
Principals and Directors have all reported a very smooth launch to the beginning of the year.
My campus visits confirm great things for God’s glory are happening for our one year old
students to the Class of 2018 scholars. Thank you for your help in getting the year off to a
wonderful start.

I would like to break form and return to my application for employment. One piece of the job
description requested an action plan to boost enrollment. The planning process started
immediately after my hire with the RCS staff responding to questionnaires and feedback loops.
Their suggestions, in effect, brought four ideas bubbling to the surface about our enrollment
picture: facilities, fundraising, marketing and community outreach, and our educational

On the link below, those four areas are further broken down into 12 separate initiatives.
Collectively, they are cobbled together as the Enrollment Matters Campaign. A color-coded
scheme aligns the 12 initiatives to personnel and key dates accordingly:

Facilities    Fundraising   Marketing and Community Outreach Educational Program

While this is an uncharacteristically lengthy letter, the linked document clarifies many details about
each initiative, along with ways to personally connect with the campaign. Specifically, there are
needs from within the arts community to those with zoning experience. If you have a
question, suggestion, or desire more information about how to help, please feel free to contact

I look forward to working the plan, and sharing in the ways we will see God’s glory unfold.

Enrollment Matters Campaign

My best,

Bruce Kelly