December 2017

Dear RCS Family,                                                                                  

One of my favorite verses crowned with vivid imagery is Revelation 5:8.  “When He had taken the book, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each one holding a harp and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.

Consider the phrase, “…golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints.”  Imagine traces of incense furled heavenward because we pray. On November 29, a day set aside for continuous prayer, more than 130 people prayed for our high-school relocation decision.  To all who interceded for God’s provision, thank you!  Your commitment honors the Lord, our learning community, and the prayers may eventually waft dreamily in a golden bowl.  My imagination now returns to earth. To review the progress on our high-school relocation effort along with the other 11 initiatives, please see the table below.

One initiative sparked by the RCS Board last year was a multipurpose gymnasium located at the Kent View complex. The Board’s bandwidth was stressed for several months during the search, interview, and selection process for a new President.  Admittedly, movement on the multipurpose gym effort stalled. However, the Board is repositioned to move forward on that front, and additional details are forthcoming. Please stay tuned.

Recently, the Board approved limiting the number of fundraising appeals targeting RCS families. The effect consolidates our giving campaign to the April auction events. Even though last year’s Phone-a-Thon proved wildly successful, I wondered about the perception for families. Many families may have felt the appeals for donations never stop. That practice has shifted. The auctions now represent our signature fundraisers. Good stewardship on our side however, also understands the reality of those electing to make end-of-year contributions.  Modest or lavish cash or stock donations tied to a year-end gift are welcomed and appreciated.

Next Sunday heralds the first day of Advent. The countdown to Christmas arrives. On the Christian calendar, the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, trumpets a high note for celebration and worship.  May God’s greatest gift, Jesus Christ, and His favor richly bless you and your family during the entire season of Advent.

My best,

Bruce Kelly






Parcel Sale

On November 7, I spoke with Barbara Shawyer,Federal Real Property Assistance Program,U.S. Department of Education. She relayed that our best option is to begin the process of abrogation. The Board unanimously voted at the November 28 meeting to move forward with the abrogation process. There are four required steps to execute an abrogation.


1. Secure a fair market appraisal from a certified local appraiser. That is the value of the parcel without the deed restrictions.

2. The RCS Board prepares a letter to indicate their interest in selling the parcel.

3. General Services Administration conducts a review of the case and provides comments.The GSA review is triggered through our local contact,Yolanda Stroud,Logistics Services Division,Office of Security, Facilities & Logistics ServicesOffice of Management, U.S. Dept of Education (D.O.E.).

4. The D.O.E. executes a release of the parcel.Once it is recorded, there is a cooling off period, possibly three to ten years, before the parcel is availablefor us to sell.


Master Plan Development

The priority focus is on relocating the high school. The Board continues its commitment to the multipurpose gymnasium at the Kent View campus.


High School Relocation

At the end of November, the Board completed the investigation phase and begins a formal review of the available options. The review phase continues through December into the first two weeks of January. November 29 was dedicated to a day of continuous prayer for the relocation. We have solid leads for next year, and have set an initial deadline for a decision on February 28.





The grant is scheduled for submission August 2018. There are no new developments at this time.



Auction Nights

Auction procurement is underway. Please save the dates of April 13 and 14 to attend and support RCS.


Website Improvement and Updates

The site is now 90% complete with the fresh content, images, and navigation items.


Outreach to Christian parents with students in public schools

The promotional flyers are printed and being distributed to the faith community. See note below regarding radio spots.


Radio Spots

Beginning in January, 820 AM KGNW, The Word, and AM 1590, The Answer, collectively broadcast 80 commercials for each of the three Science and Health Outreach events.


55th Anniversary

Alumni Roll Call

An announcement of the Alumni Roll Call was sent to our community via school newsletters. Ed White, current Board member, has agreed to help organize a committee to move this initiative forward.


RCS Community Impact Day

Mt. 5:16

There is no movement to report on this initiative.



Parent, Student, Staff Climate Surveys

The survey is scheduled for release mid April. The content for the climate surveys borrows heavily from the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics.



Research Based

Professional Development for all staff around Instruction, Assessment, and Special Needs

Our next district wide in-service day occurs on February 20. The morning session is dedicated to Formative Assessment Tactics, Part 2, and the afternoon session is focused on Addressing Special Needs. We are coordinating with Patrick Mulick, Auburn School District, for the Special Needs training. For next year, we are working with the Center for Educational Leadership to provide district wide training in the 5 D model of Teaching and Learning. Our goal is to subsidize the entire cost with Title II funds from the Kent and Auburn school districts.