Little People Pre-School Childcare

Nikki Quincy

3's Lead Teacher

Nel Neds

4's Teachers Aide

Jacque Neumann

Three’s Teacher’s Aide

Deanna Quincy

Fours Lead Teacher

Maple Valley Pre-School

Shaggy The Dog

Assistant Chapel Teacher

Maple Valley Elementary

Kent View Elementary

Gayle McCrum

BASC/Playground Staff

Maria Rema

BASC/Playground Staff

Nicky Kalsi

BASC/Playground Staff

Rainier Christian Middle School

Rainier Christian High School

Kevin McCready

Biology/ Marine Biology/ Human Anatomy

Scott Melton

AP Senior English/ Honors English 10/ Senior English/ Sophomore English

Mike Rians

Algebra 1 and 2/ Physics/ Chemistry/US Government

Administrative Team

Board of Directors